About the Ecclesiological Investigations

Ecclesiological Investigations brings together quality research and inspiring debates in ecclesiology worldwide from a network of international scholars, research centres and projects in the field.

The Network seeks to promote studies, research, dialogue and collaboration in ecclesiology across the broad spectrum of the Christian tradition. Therefore it exists to promote genuinely collaborative ecclesiology in national, international, intra-ecclesial and ecumenical contexts. Ecumenism is here conceived in its wider sense to embrace dialogue between people of differing faiths and between members of faith communities and others of good will who profess no particular formal creed or organized religious doctrine.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of many willing persons, EI has achieved a great deal to date in terms of bringing together scholars and practitioners and students in the field, with active participation from a very wide variety of differing geographical, methodological and ecclesial backgrounds.

The EI conversations carry on throughout the year through the work of the international EI Research Network which has organised and helped to organise and support a large number of successful conferences, colloquia, symposia and study days in many different countries and on a diverse range of themes.

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